I have made shifts in my life from drawing and painting to sculpture and clay work. Even now I have a thread of collage painting going but my main focus is on studio pottery and has been since I worked for two years with the late Hui Ka Kuong at Rutgers. Hui made me aware of the relationship of decoration to form and the tensions between them. I discovered pre-Columbian work and was transfixed by the pots in the Brooklyn Museum, the Southwestern pottery in Santa Fe, and inspired by visits to Betty Woodman's studio in Boulder. It's too difficult to list all the influences since these early ones.

I love the bridge that pottery makes from history to the current day, to the everyday, the everyday uses that all pots have in common.

I keep the words, "Pure Form", on my studio wall to remind me of the beauty of simplicity. While I venture into sculpture with quirky leaf vases, or decorate plates by drawing on them or pressing old lace into them, much of my studio work is a minimalist interpretation of everyday objects. I love the dance between visual imagery and everyday simplicity. Art making sustains me both for its own sake and in the creation of utilitarian objects.

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